Main tips how to play roulette online live dealer game

How to play roulette online live dealer and win?

Everything ever happens the first time, including going to the casino. Excitement, fears and high expectations often prevent us from not only making our first bet on roulette, but even entering the gambling house. So the world of gambling is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. And today every volunteer can try online casino live roulette from Netent and win real money here. Of course, live dealer has its specific features. But evolution of strategies would help to win any dealer.

In fact, experienced players know that there is nothing to worry about. As a rule, a newbie gets there in the company of drunk friends and with a confused look makes bets on roulette and loses.

Specific features of how to play online live roulette casino game

Let’s compare real casinos with their counterparts on the Internet. Is it possible to use systems developed for ordinary casinos, or are there any restrictions? The main differences between live casinos are the following facts:

  • In card games (except blackjack), the dealer shuffles the deck after each hand. In a real casino, cards are also shuffled, but less often. Watch the dealer’s actions while playing blackjack. If the deck after distribution changes to a new one, and the old one is removed in a shuffle machine, it is useless to count the cards in this establishment.
  • Dealer launches the ball from other numbers. According to the rules of classic roulette, the ball must start to roll from the winning number on the reel, which helps players to guess the winning sector if they have established a certain pattern of shots of a particular dealer. As a rule, in a live casino, girls sit as it were above the drum and launch the ball from themselves. In this case, throws are obtained from various rooms and sections. Look carefully at the hand of the girl during the throw. When using strategies “bias”, you need to carefully observe from what number is spin.
  • With large winnings and losses, the dealer does not change. No matter what anyone says, one dealer can carry more than the other. In case of a large game in ordinary casinos, the dealer is changed to interrupt the player’s lucky strip, or they can leave it for the second “shift” (as a rule, for 20 minutes). In live casinos, dealers change strictly in time – most likely due to the fact that hundreds of people are playing at the same time.

As you can see, there are not many differences to play roulette online live dealer, but you should pay attention to some things. If we assume that live casinos are not particularly different from the real ones, except for the type of transmission of visual information, then all strategies used in real casinos will be suitable for playing the game.

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